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We are a Philadelphia-based, full-service wedding coordination and planning company specializing in stress-free events for diverse couples seeking an amazing, unforgettable event.

Believe us, we'll make sure your friends & family will say your wedding is - without a doubt - the best they've ever been to.

With over 15 years of experience serving couples just like you, we're uniquely qualified logistics-obsessed planners and coordinators giving our all so your wedding is completely organized and fits your vision.

We offer every detail you need to make your wedding the best day ever, because we know your wedding is more than just a celebration.

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Colette and her assistant Caroline were amazing to work with, we couldn’t recommend them more! Colette was above and beyond a month of coordinator. She was there for us the moment we signed with her, and she helped us think of every detail for a perfect wedding day timeline. Colette organized and communicated with all of our vendors and made sure our wedding day was smooth and exactly what we wanted. On the day of the wedding, Colette and Caroline were so helpful and were always right there when you needed them. They did so much behind the scenes and kept the night running on time, too. Besides her incredible organizational skills, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness, Colette is also so incredibly positive, kind, bubbly, and exactly the energy you want with you during the planning process and on your wedding day. We can’t thank you enough Colette, and any couple would be so lucky to work with her!



“Hiring Amanda and her team was by far one of the best decisions we made while wedding planning! Like myself, Amanda is extremely detail-oriented which I really appreciated and worked well with. She thought about every single detail of the day, even things that never crossed my mind. Amanda knows her stuff! We met a lot over the year and a half of planning and when I found myself getting overwhelmed or stressed Amanda’s organization and attention to the details helped calm my nerves. Amanda worked extremely well with all of my other vendors throughout the planning process and on wedding day. Our wedding day was PERFECT thanks to Amanda and her team. They kept things moving seamlessly and were there for every little thing that I needed (they were so prepared for everything!). I LOVED working with Amanda and would recommend her to any couple planning their wedding!”


They immediately put me at ease and allowed me to enjoy the best day of my life!

“Wedding planning can be thrilling, beautiful, and stressful all at once, but she walked me through all of my concerns and questions and left only the thrilling and beautiful part of planning. I hired Amanda as a day-of coordinator but she felt more like our wedding planner. She communicated and coordinated with all of my vendors a month prior to the date. I felt at ease knowing she has everything handled and all I have to do is show up and have a magic day. She is the best decision I made for the wedding, aside from my groom.!


She is the best decision I made for the wedding, aside from my groom!

From the first time we met, Amanda made me feel at ease and helped me work through all of my indecisiveness. It was amazing having someone who knew what they were doing early on in the process. She came with us to every venue visit, band showcases, flower meeting, invitations meetings, you name it! It was awesome to have that support with me to ask the questions I wouldn't know to ask. I appreciate her attentiveness and professionalism throughout the whole process. I avoided the stress that most brides feel planning a wedding because of all the work Amanda and her team put in. Our wedding day was literally PERFECT and I will miss working with Amanda so much!


I avoided the stress that most brides feel planning a wedding because of all the work Amanda and her team put in.

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We don't just show up on your wedding day.  We're there in the weeks leading up to your event so you know all the details have been taken care of.

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When it comes to planning and coordinating your wedding, there's nothing more important than attention to detail.  That is why fifteen years ago, I founded Diamonds & Details to help couples just like you take the stress out of wedding planning so they can have the dream wedding they've always wanted.

With a background in human resources, a professional certification in wedding planning and consulting, and a supernatural ability for organizing the details of your day, I ensure that your day is absolutely perfect.

This is how I measure my success:  If your parents come up to me at the end of the night for a hug.  I know I did my job.

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